Report on Dáil and European Parliament Constituencies 2012

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Chapter 1 - Introduction and summary of recommendations

Chapter 2 - Establishment and procedure of Commission

Chapter 3 - Dáil Éireann: Constitutional provisions and equality of representation

Chapter 4 - Dáil constituencies where no change is recommended

Chapter 5 -Dáil constituencies where change is recommended - see breakdown below

5.1 Cork area

5.2 Donegal – Sligo – Leitrim – Cavan – Monaghan area

5.3 Dublin area

5.4 Galway – Mayo – Roscommon area

5.5 Kerry – Limerick area

5.6 Waterford – Tipperary – Laois – Offaly - Kildare area

Chapter 6 - European Parliament constituencies


Appendix 1- Specification of recommended Dáil constituencies

Appendix 2 - Statistics relating to recommended Dáil constituencies

Appendix 3 - Electoral divisions recommended for transfer between Dáil constituencies

Appendix 4 - Press Notice issued by the Commission/Preas Fhógra an Choimisiúin

Appendix 5 - Commission Statement/Ráiteas an Choimisiúin

Appendix 6 - Organisations and persons who made submissions

Appendix 7 - Constituency size and total Dáil membership since 1923

Appendix 8 - 2011 Population of each County and City

Large-Scale Maps
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A. Recommended Dáil constituencies – Ireland
B. Recommended Dáil constituencies – Dublin City
C. Recommended Dáil constituencies – Dublin

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The Constituency Commission is established under Part II of the Electoral Act 1997 to review Dáil
and European Parliament Constituencies.